This report explores the advantages of how heat pumps with heat recovery can contribute to improving energy performance and reducing the carbon footprint of buildings, with a short payback, thus being a viable technology for energy cost reduction and for improving the environmental impact of buildings in the UK. All actions and prospective results have been based on the real and expected needs of the building and are measured against a state-of-the-art baseline. The research shows that heat pumps with heat recovery are a viable solution for London office buildings offering an integrated approach to building heating and cooling. This shows an expected reduction of the building’s primary energy consumption by 38% and CO2 emissions by 34.6%. Due to the gradual de-carbonisation of the electric energy production in the UK, along with other ancillary solutions, such as thermal storage, solar photovoltaic plates and chiller plant optimisation systems it is possible to embrace even further efficiencies.

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350 Euston Road: Improving building performances & carbon footprint