350 Euston Road: Improving building performances & carbon footprint

This report explores the advantages of how heat pumps with heat recovery can contribute to improving energy performance and reducing the carbon footprint of buildings, with a short payback, thus being a viable technology for energy cost reduction and for improving the environmental impact of buildings in the UK. All actions and prospective results have [...]

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Air Source Energy – A Low-Carbon Solution that Delivers

Two years after we introduced an air source pump at 350 Euston Road, results have exceeded expectations. Gas use is down 85%, occupiers are benefiting from cost savings and people in the building are enjoying improved temperatures. Air source heating and cooling is a renewable energy technology that takes free air from outside and uses [...]

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Building management system changes cut energy costs

Examples of BMS modifications made at 350 Euston Road since the introduction of the new system include: Boilers: Previously the boilers had a fixed temperature set-point of 72°C. The new system adjusts the set-point according to the inside and outside temperatures – so that when it’s warmer outside the boilers don’t have to work [...]

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HVAC Systems Group has performance gap in sights

New SIG aims to unite supply chain in improving buildings The CIBSE HVAC Systems special interest group (SIG) was launched at Build2Perform Live, at London Olympia, and aims to bring together all elements of the supply chain to improve the performance of buildings. It will focus on the ‘core issues’ that mean HVAC [...]

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Broadgate Estates Engages with Gazprom on Energy Management

At 20 Triton Street, Broadgate Estates is working together with Gazprom Marketing & Trading to provide a better working environment for the Gazprom team, whilst optimising energy efficiency, minimising energy bills and reducing CO2 emissions. Gazprom and Broadgate Estates also engage closely on building-wide energy efficiency initiatives, which has led to 20 Triton Street [...]

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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme in Action

Through the Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, we’ve identified energy efficiency opportunities that could deliver £3.7m net savings for occupiers over four years, at the same time as optimising lighting, temperatures and air quality for people in the buildings. The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), launched in December 2014, requires all large companies to [...]

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Low Carbon Solution Delivers Value at Regent’s Place

T he latest data from our combined heat and power (CHP) installation at Regent’s Place shows how investment in energy efficient technology can deliver real value for end users. When we were developing 10-30 Brock Street, The Triton Building and 175 Drummond Street, we incorporated a CHP-led energy centre to supply the new offices [...]

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CIBSE Symposium: optimising building performance is key

CIBSE’s 2015 Technical Symposium recently held in London was a sell-out and highlighted the latest research into building performance, environmental design and building information modelling (BIM). The two-day event featured more than 50 presentations from industry practitioners and researchers and plays a key role in bringing together academic and industry knowledge by sharing academic [...]

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